Spicy Harissa Carrot Salad with Marinated White Beans

$ 13.00

Vegetarian & Gluten Free

A fresh take on our beloved dish! Roasted carrots tossed with fresh herbs, sauteed onions, sheep's milk feta, mineral and vitamin rich spices and flavorful harissa (a slightly spicy and aromatic chile paste- a widely used staple in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine). We've added garlic and olive oil marinated white beans as a creamy protein and a bright lemony dressing and extra greens to build this into a well balanced meal.

Carrots*, Sprouted White Beans*,Arugula*, Cilantro*, Onion*, Harissa (Red Pepper*, Red Onion*, Chilies*, Caraway Seeds*, Cumin Seeds*, Coriander Seeds*, Sea Salt, Sheep’s Feta*, Olive Oil*, Lemon Juice*, Cumin Seeds*, Caraway Seeds*, Palm Sugar*, Sea Salt. *Certified Organic Ingredient

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