Kelp Noodle Pad Thai with Sprouted Almond Butter

$ 14.00

Vegan & Gluten Free

A flavorful and nutrient rich adaptation of the traditional Pad Thai many of us know and love. Made with kelp noodles which are clear thin noodles made from sea kelp, these noodles are quite neutral in flavor but extremely rich in nutrients and minerals. We toss the noodles with raw veggies and a homemade sauce of Philosopher's Stoneground sprouted almond butter, ginger, garlic, and other aromatic and flavor enhancing ingredients. 

Kelp Noodles, Philosopher's Stoneground Almond Butter* (Almond & Sea Salt), Lime*, Green Cabbage*, Ginger*, Garlic*, Tamari*, Red Bell Pepper*, Green Onion*, Serrano Pepper*, Red Pepper Flake*, Maple Syrup*, Sea Salt, Black Pepper. 

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