Cornbread Frittata with Jalapeno & Sriracha Roasted Cauliflower

$ 14.00

Vegetarian & Gluten Free

Kin to our regular frittata, this egg bake is made with corn flour which makes it the most delicate and rich hybrid of corn bread and a frittata. It's made with slightly spicy sriracha marinated cauliflower, detoxifying cilantro, jalapeno and caramelized onion. Need we say more?

Pasture Raised Egg*, Cauliflower*, Onion*, Corn Flour*, Manchego, Jalapeno*, Cilantro*, Grass Fed Butter, Dijon, Turmeric*, Sriracha*, Baking Powder, Sea Salt, Black Pepper*. *Certified Organic Ingredient
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