Vanilla & Chocolate Coconut Truffles

$ 11.00

Not a big breakfast eater? Have a tendency to skip meals? Want a treat that's low in sugar and in high brain boosting fats? The power of the three: coconut, tahini and sesame create the perfect on the go snack, meal replacement or treat that will keep you well nourished and satisfied for hours. With a base of creamed coconut (high in medium chain fatty acids) the body can quickly break down and use these treats for energy. With just a hint of sweetness from raw local honey and stable at room temperature...your snack attack is solved! 

Creamed Coconut Butter*, Tahini*, Raw Local Honey*, Cacao powder*, White Sesame Seeds*, Coconut Shreds*, 70% Dark Chocolate Chips (Fair Trade)*, Vanilla Bean Extract*, Sea Salt. *Certified Organic Ingredient

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