Chicken Sausage Ragu with Zucchini Noodles

$ 15.00

A grain free take on spaghetti- zucchini noodles are spirialized to form "noodles"and topped with a flavorful tomato based ragu wth fennel, red pepper and Marry's chicken Sausage. Italian spices are used along side fresh and dried chili's adding a kick to a comfort food that offers you the satisfaction of a classic spaghetti dish without the processed flour and excess carbs! (Gluten Free)

Marry's Chicken Sausage*, Zucchini*, Veg Stock*,Onion*, Fennel*, Tomatoes*, Red Pepper*, Parsley,* Parmesan,* Oregano,* Serrano,* Garlic*, Pasture Raised Butter. *Certified Organic Ingredient 

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